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and the bump becomes bumpier

Man, that happened fast. So here’s what I went to bed with yesterday:And here’s what I woke up with today: So all the clothes I’d been barely squeezing into became instantly unsqueezable. Thank god for maternity consignment shops. I walked … Continue reading

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A minor superpower mostly restored and other tidbits

Including a belly shot as we get ready to close out week 18:-) And tomorrow more maternity shopping commences. B.F.’s not huge yet, but definitely big enough (about the size of a large mango. yup, I’m sticking with the fruit) … Continue reading

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the summer that wasn’t really comes to an end

As the countdown for the descent of hordes of teenage girls upon my world has gone from months to weeks to days to hours, I thought to myself, “Self, what happened to those months/weeks/days/hours?” My checklist for last summer seemed … Continue reading

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