Baby Fierce Journeys to the Land of Bubblers, Rotaries, Dropped Rs, Long As, and Wicked Everything

Racking up her frequent flier miles, Sophia and I rocked the red-eye back to New England for her East Coast debut. She came, she saw, she conquered.

From playing in the park with our beloved Camp Putnam Village 4 crew and their kidlets (how is it possible that we’re all grown up now?) to basking in the love of her Linda and Andreas who so warmly hosted us (and who are most certainly a part of So-G’s deep structure now:-) to reunions with old school Ruts (you know who you are:-), Sophia adventured and ventured her way through Massachusetts and Connecticut. She reunited with her grandparents Feinberg who hosted a wicked (:-) awesome BBQ where So-G met cousins and great-aunts and took a nap with her Great Nana Billie (unfortunately I’d left my camera in Rutland by that point–I always leave something at the Gushas when I travel back east…I wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me?–so I don’t have any documentation of our Westport visit, but trust me, it happened:-). And then, we were back in Boston, my belly full of good food and beer and ice cream, Sophia’s full of some iteration of all of that, and then we were on a plane again (where a flight attendant bestowed the title “Diva” upon Sophia after she let out a couple of rippin’ good shrieks) and then home, tired and deeply, deeply happy to have so many dear friends and family who love us so freely and wholeheartedly.

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About jessicaepierce

Jessica Pierce has worked a a farm hand, file clerk, bicycle mechanic and teaching poet. After taking up space every where from the San Joaquin Valley to Arkansas to Boston to Guatemala to India to Oakland, she now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, a sitar player, and their two year old daughter. As the lead teacher and language arts teacher at an alternative school outside of Portland, she works with high school students at risk of dropping out. She also teaches summer creative writing classes at St. Mary's Academy in downtown Portland. Her work has been published in the Painted Bridge Quarterly, the Christian Science Monitor weekly magazine,, The Times of India (Kolkata), and the Northwest Review, which nominated her for Meridian magazine’s 2007 Best New Poets anthology. She’s had the privilege of studying with Rosanna Warren, Dorianne Laux, Pimone Triplett, Sam Witt and Jorie Graham.
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