Baby Bonanza

And then there were three… Sophia Grace came into the world on March 11th. 25 hours later, her sweet sweet cousin Mikaila arrived. And two weeks ago, Eloise (aka “the blond princess” according to her proud papa Tynan) joined the tribe of cousins. I didn’t get my first cousin until I was 20, and I grew up envying my friends who had dozens of cousins in town or close by enough  join them for adventures of all sorts. So this serendipity of adorable baby-ness that now dominates the Pierce family totally blows my mind. Here’s some pics from the first “official” photo shoot of our girls in all their glory–from Sophia’s brow furrow to Mikaila’s kinetic energy to Eloise’s newborn floppiness. Love love love abounds…

About jessicaepierce

Jessica Pierce has worked a a farm hand, file clerk, bicycle mechanic and teaching poet. After taking up space every where from the San Joaquin Valley to Arkansas to Boston to Guatemala to India to Oakland, she now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, a sitar player, and their two year old daughter. As the lead teacher and language arts teacher at an alternative school outside of Portland, she works with high school students at risk of dropping out. She also teaches summer creative writing classes at St. Mary's Academy in downtown Portland. Her work has been published in the Painted Bridge Quarterly, the Christian Science Monitor weekly magazine,, The Times of India (Kolkata), and the Northwest Review, which nominated her for Meridian magazine’s 2007 Best New Poets anthology. She’s had the privilege of studying with Rosanna Warren, Dorianne Laux, Pimone Triplett, Sam Witt and Jorie Graham.
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2 Responses to Baby Bonanza

  1. Erin says:

    this is so special! beautiful girls!

  2. Linda Cavallero says:

    How precious–the three cousins begin to plot their adventures! And Mikaila pulls Sophia’s hair in a cosmic re-enactment of children over the generations. I recall Tynan pulling Jessica’s hair in the back seat of my car. Oh, the blood curdling screams! They still reverberate somewhere in the universe. Love to all of you on this glorious journey, Linda

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