That was then, this is now…

After several rough nights with our beloved but stubborn lil’ babe, Mr. Fierce and I were waxing poetic about our pre-baby life. “Remember sleeping in til whenever we wanted? Remember when I could practice all day long? Remember when I could read an entire book in one sitting? Remember when…” And at that point, I’m pretty sure some sort of diaper emergency interrupted our reminiscing. Message received universe, message received.

I’d like to think that since the beginning of human parenting, folks have sat around having this same conversation…”Remember when all I had to do was hunt saber tooth tigers all day? Remember when I could paint cave walls without interruption?” Though the first year of parenthood has considerably impacted our ability to remember, we do have some blurry but recognizable recollections of what life was. And it was good. But what we have now is also good. Complicated. Challenging. Frustrating. But good. So to keep things in perspective, I’m going to take a few posts to try and capture just how much goodness this past year has brought us. See below:-)


Week 1 beyond the uterus.


Almost a year later, flashing that incredible So G smile.


More smiling.


As my father (aka pop-pop) refers to her, “that incredibly malnourished, depressed baby of yours.”

About jessicaepierce

Jessica Pierce has worked a a farm hand, file clerk, bicycle mechanic and teaching poet. After taking up space every where from the San Joaquin Valley to Arkansas to Boston to Guatemala to India to Oakland, she now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, a sitar player, and their two year old daughter. As the lead teacher and language arts teacher at an alternative school outside of Portland, she works with high school students at risk of dropping out. She also teaches summer creative writing classes at St. Mary's Academy in downtown Portland. Her work has been published in the Painted Bridge Quarterly, the Christian Science Monitor weekly magazine,, The Times of India (Kolkata), and the Northwest Review, which nominated her for Meridian magazine’s 2007 Best New Poets anthology. She’s had the privilege of studying with Rosanna Warren, Dorianne Laux, Pimone Triplett, Sam Witt and Jorie Graham.
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1 Response to That was then, this is now…

  1. Awww. She’s so adorable. And as to the remembering whens- my husband and I have had that conversation. But it usually goes in the direction of “Remember when we didn’t have kids? We must have been so bored all the time.”

    Congrats on making it (almost) a year! It really does just get better. And crazier. But personally I love the second year the best.

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