A few things we know now that we didn’t know then…

  • A night away from Baby Fierce reminded us how important it is to see each other as more than parents
  • We were still awfully glad to get home and back to the work of parenting
  • Since bodily functions are an inescapable part of parenting, and talking about parenting, I’ll admit that I was not prepared for how weird looking breast-fed baby poop is
  • Gillian Welch works magic on a crying So-G. So does kora music, her dad’s sitar playing, and whispering poetry against her head so the words vibrate on her skull. Really, it works.
  • Sophia+the outdoors=happiness
  • Watching Sophia watch and talk to trees/leaves/sunshine/clouds/flowers=happiness
  • I apparently am much more of a routine person than I’d ever really admitted to myself. Since Baby Fierce has only the vaguest semblance of a routine, this has created some challenges.
  • Judgement abounds. “Oh, you”…fill in the blank…followed by incredulous/pitying/self-righteous stare. Examples include: “Oh, you had your baby in a hospital?” “Oh, you were induced?” “Oh, your baby doesn’t sleep in your bed every night?” “Oh, you let your baby sleep in your bed some nights?” “Oh, you sometimes find breast feeding frustrating and not always this amazing, transcendent experience?” “Oh, you let your baby cry sometimes?” “Oh, you don’t let your baby cry sometimes?” And somehow each question implies that we already have or inevitably will completely f.u.b.a.r. our child.
  • Having a sense of humor can negate most judgement, and  a snarky inner monologue takes care of the rest.
  • So-G’s laugh is quite possibly the best sound in the entire universe
  • That laugh negates all previous, present and future meltdowns/freakouts (we think…let’s see how those teenage years go)

About jessicaepierce

Jessica Pierce has worked a a farm hand, file clerk, bicycle mechanic and teaching poet. After taking up space every where from the San Joaquin Valley to Arkansas to Boston to Guatemala to India to Oakland, she now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, a sitar player, and their two year old daughter. As the lead teacher and language arts teacher at an alternative school outside of Portland, she works with high school students at risk of dropping out. She also teaches summer creative writing classes at St. Mary's Academy in downtown Portland. Her work has been published in the Painted Bridge Quarterly, the Christian Science Monitor weekly magazine, outwardlink.net, The Times of India (Kolkata), and the Northwest Review, which nominated her for Meridian magazine’s 2007 Best New Poets anthology. She’s had the privilege of studying with Rosanna Warren, Dorianne Laux, Pimone Triplett, Sam Witt and Jorie Graham.
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2 Responses to A few things we know now that we didn’t know then…

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Can’t wait for the blog when you transcribe the snarky inner monologues…

  2. jina says:

    I’m pretty sure that you were equally fubared*, and you turned out pretty good.

    *It’s nothing personal, Cati & Dave. It’s the job. (Someone tell Tynan.)

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